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Conservas y Frutas S.A.
  Conservas y Frutas S.A.

Carretera de Pliego, 53 - Apdo. 82
30170 Mula
Murcia - Spain

Tel.: +34 968 39 54 00
Fax: +34 968 66 19 65
+34 968 66 22 11
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Alimentaria Mexico & Fancy Food ShowÆ
Canned Food Australia
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It's not absorbed into the body, yet it could be the link to a healthful diet ...
If only the current low-carbohydrate craze would give way to a fiber fixation, nutrition experts would be happier. And Americans would be healthier, they say. But bulking up fiber's reputation is about as difficult as selling the public on eating more barley - a half cup cooked has 6.8 grams of fiber, by the way.
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China's Canned Food Industry Posts Two-Digit Annual Growth
CHENGDU, April 12 Asia Pulse - With the pace of economic globalization accelerating, the international competitiveness of China's canned food industry is growing stronger. According to official sources, starting from 2000, China's canned food output and export have grown at a two-digit rate annually.
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Fresh Foods vs Canned Foods
Are there nutritional differences between fresh foods and canned foods?
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